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A country ranked as one of the most dangerous in the world, with a dictatorial leader who executed his own uncle for “dreaming alternative dreams” and has an utter hatred for the West seems like the last place you’d be booking a flight to, but tour companies such as Lupine Travel have capitalised on the recent surge of popularity in these type of “unique” destinations.

A UN report on human rights from 2014 declared that Kim Jong-Un’s regime is guilty of “extermination, murder, enslavement, torture…” and the list goes on, but this has not deterred travellers from wanting to explore the reclusive totalitarian regime.

Most tours will include a trip to the DMZ (demilitarised zone), which is ironically one of the most militarised areas in the world, and include a visit to the Ryugyong Hotel; the building has 105 stories and is planned to be the largest hotel in the world. The structure could have been a sign of societal development for the people of North Korea, but instead taunts the residents of Pyongyang on a daily basis, reminding them what happens when a totalitarian communist state has delusions of opulence and splendour. The project, supported by Kim Jong-Un is an atypically capitalist venture for someone who despises the West for its capitalist way of life.

This curious political scenario is what convinces so many people to visit the nation, alongside the fact that there are few autocratic regimes in the modern world, so North Korea quite prominently occupies the niche for tourists who are interested in observing this outdated style of society.

The most expensive and comprehensive tour offered is by travel company Regent Holidays (at £1930 per person) who propose a nine day “Liberation Day Group Tour”, allowing us Westerners the rare opportunity to experience a public celebration in one of the most ascetic societies on Earth.

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