My interview with Mcaree – Robbie Robinson

Mr McAree

‘How do you feel your first half term has gone?’

In my first half term at William Howard, I will say I have been very impressed by the students and have felt welcome by all the staff here. When you join a new school you really need to understand the systems of how the school runs and it’s definitely a real learning curve for me personally.

Would you say there are any similarities with us and Caldew?’

You could say William Howard is different to Caldew in some ways. There are a lot more students due to the much larger catchment area and the school itself is bigger. But I will say the aspirations of the students are the same, they really want to achieve their potential here.

‘How do you feel the departments of the school are doing?’

A lot of the departments do a fantastic job and it’s important that not only William Howard but all schools produce excellence in all fields. Especially the departments that offer the extra-curricular side like Performing Arts and PE. Some of the best time in a school student’s life are down to participating in all the extra-curricular activities that the school offers. Doing things like Tanzanian Link, the school production and playing for the sports teams are the activities you look back on and remember with pride on your school life.

‘How do you feel the 6th form is doing?’

The 6th form is a vital part of the school, the facilities they have in there are very well used by the students and we can’t afford to lose it. It is very well run by the leadership team we have there and you can see that by how eager the 6th form students are to do well here.

What about the 6th form dress code?’

We’re going to review the 6th form dress code further this year. Currently I don’t think it’s good enough and there could be a big change not this year but in the future.

‘What benefits do you think the William Howard Trust brings to the school as a lot of students won’t be aware of what the trust actually does for the school?’

The trust gives the ability to give the ability to give other institutions good practice but also to learn from the bad things that can happen at schools. But overall the trust is a benefit to the school and it also helps us financially so we are able to afford the facilities we need to run and make the school better.

‘What do you hope to achieve in your time here at William Howard?’

You can never say what you’re going to get out of a school to a certain point. In education, people change, systems change and students change. We take everything as it comes, although we need to work on some things here, there are some things that we will change and then some things we will keep the same. But one thing I really hope happens while I’m here is that the students achieve their potential.

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